Attendees frustrated even prior to arrival because of parking issues is the last thing any event organizer would want. With that in mind, we make parking our top priority so that you don’t have to make it yours.

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Pinpark’s Smart Parking Management Suites ensures seamless and hassle-free parking for any kind of event.


How Pinpark’s Smart Parking Solutions help efficiently organise parking for huge events :

Customized Services

Be it a wedding, sports event, conference, festival or concert, Pinpark provides customized services for each event.

Traffic Planning and Management

Our team manages road closures, plans traffic patterns, acquires the required permits, and co-ordinates with local authorities. Also, the most optimum routes would be chosen to ensure minimum traffic congestions.

Real-time Data

Pinpark’s system provides real-time information regarding occupancy status and ticket collection details. The system integrates all information which will be available on a single dashboard.


Pinparks’s solution includes digital signage boards for navigation. These boards would display the real-time occupancy of the parking lots. Other non-digital boards are also included.

Digitized Platform

Pinpark’s system issues digital tickets and provides online & offline payment options.

Valet Services

Pinpark provides experienced staff for valet services.

Events Organized

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