Poor management of the city’s parking spaces and increased carbon emissions of vehicles circling around roads in search of parking lots are main contributors to these concerns.

Pinpark aims to revolutionize the way parking is managed, tracked and utilized in cities.


How Pinpark’s Smart Parking Solutions can help governments efficiently and optimally utilise parking in Cities.


Pinpark’s smart solution includes an app for commuters to search, book, reserve, pay and navigate to parking spaces. The app will display the real-time availability of parking lots.

On-street Parking Management

On-street parking can be efficiently managed using Pinpark’s Smart Parking Management System. The system leverages Artificial Intelligence and includes ANPR, Sensors, Camera-based solutions, digital tickets.

Dynamic and Zone-based Pricing for On-Street Parking

Parking rates can be optimised with the help of Pinpark’s system. Prices can be varied according to the demand at a particular time and at specific areas.

Integrated Dashboard

All information will be displayed on a single dashboard making it convenient for city administrators. This dashboard can be used to track violations, study parking trends and devise new policies, etc.


Pinpark helps drivers to reserve parking whenever and wherever they want. With more than hundreds of bookable parking spaces across Kochi, we help you find your parking spaces with ease.

  • Less congestion on roads
  • Parking revenue can be used to enhance city services
  • Fewer carbon emissions
  • Track Violations
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions
  • Enhance the security of the city
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