Let Pinpark’s Smart Parking Management Suite help organize and manage your organization’s parking lots to ensure optimum utilization of land, efficient management and maximise revenue generation.

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Be it Hospitals, Malls, Hotels, Stores etc, Pinpark’s solutions cater to all kinds of organizations.


How Pinpark’s Smart Parking Solutions can help Institutions manage and utilise their parking area

Digital Platform

Efficiently manage operations through a digital platform.

Standardization of Parking Lots

Standardize parking lots to optimise utilisation of land

Improving Customer Experience

Enhance the experience of your customers by providing hassle-free parking system and payment options

Optimum Utilization of Manpower

Cut costs by reducing manpower and ensure optimum utilization by studying parking trends.

Data-driven decisions

Make business decisions based on the data provided by Pinpark’s system

Optimise Rates and Policies

Use Pinpark’s system to optimise parking rates, parking policy hours and time limits.

Real-time data

Get access to real-time occupancy status of the parking lot (Availability, number of cars parked )

Digital payment

Make available to your customers digital payment options

Our Clients

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