Efficiently and digitally manage the parking lots for your employees to ensure seamless and hassle-free parking and optimum utilisation of the land with the help of Pinpark’s Smart Parking Management Suites.


How Pinpark’s Smart Parking solutions can help managing parking for employees at Workplaces :

Optimise rules

Optimise parking rules for your employees digitally. And track violations through the system

Real-time data

Get access to real-time occupancy status of the parking lot. (Availability, number of cars parked )

Optimum Utilisation

Ensure maximum utilisation of the parking lot

Advance booking

Provide employees with the option of booking parking spaces in advance

Priority Parking

Create and reserve priority parking spots.

Hassle-free Parking

Employees can view in advance whether parking will be available and if not they can plan their trip accordingly.

Enhance security

Ensure better security in the workplace with Pinpark’s system.